It was a lovely day yesterday, it really was. I got breakfast in bed, made by Shaun and H (first time ever!), and a lovely card and some handmade things from nursery too – I’d already put in a request for some Orla Kiely t-shirts from UniQlo, which were handed over tonight (hurrah!), so knew not to expect chocolates or anything else.

H kept reminding me it was Mothers Day until I pointed out that as she had her babies it must be mothers day for her too – which resulted in a cushion being her latest baby, which she cradled in her arms lovingly (and much gentler than her babies which she tenderly drags around by the hair when she’s feeling maternal).

Her and Shaun then spent the rest of the morning outside in their pyjamas.

We were going to go to Painshill Park, but the weather was unpredictable – so instead we went to Reigate Fort, but we couldn’t park. H announced “Daddy, I’m bored” so we headed to Dorking instead and got some food.

On getting back I was putting some dates into the computer, and one date I hadn’t removed was the 2nd April, which just said ’40 Weeks’. My heart sunk, the last reminder of the pregnancy that didn’t happen. I’d have been almost there by now… sick to death of the diabetes, but almost there. It wasn’t to be, I’m not letting it get to me, in fact, I’d kind of shut off from it, but seeing the reminder… ack, y’know?