Okay, so now the vivid dreams have started. Friday night and I was dreaming I was looking after J as well as H. I knew I wasn’t in bed, but downstairs looking after him, then I heard H cry. I was on my own, and didn’t know which way to go, as I couldn’t leave J on my own, but I couldn’t hold them both. In the end, I woke up, realised H was crying, and saw to her – but it took a good minute until I realised. Whoops.

So, last nights one was the old one back again – she woke up at 2am, Shaun offered to get her and bring her into our bed. I agreed, thinking it was 5am. Then I realised it was 2, and so had to get up to then sleepfeed her, except she was fully awake as I’d put the light on. After eventually getting her back to sleep, I then spent the next four or five hours dreaming she was still in our bed, waking myself up with anxiety after realising the duvet was up to my neck.

I think from this we can deduce I’d be rubbish at co-sleeping.

Other than the sleep deprivation, which is going strong, it’s been all about which foods to try her with. Courgette is “on hold”, carrots are “interesting and fun to play with”, and banana is “a bit gooey”.

Bea has cut her bottom front two teeth, and I’m hoping H will follow soon… everything says it *should* be soon….