My daughter seems to have quite a lot of sad things happen in her life of late. Last night just before 9pm she collapsed, sobbing into me, tears dripping down her face, her little voice nothing more than an agonised wail of sadness, unable to talk for sobbing or roaring with unhappiness.

I had to remove her glasses, wiping giant tears from her eyes.

It was no good, it was a decision which was hanging in the balance for a while – it could have gone either way. As it was, my poor little six year old had her worst fears come true.

She’s still sad about it twenty four hours later, though doesn’t cry any more. Slowly she’s getting used to it. She’s starting to pick herself up and move on.

As her mum, I gave her cuddles, wiped her eyes and comforted her as she processed what had just happened. It seemed to help. We talked about it, and I reassured her the best I could. But what reassurance can I give, when it’s something out of my control?

“It’s not fair” she wailed, burying her head in my shoulder. “she was my favourite”

Aw Flora, you left as big an impression in Bake Off as Martha did last year (and H wept then too). She is so sad you left last night. She wanted Alvin to win too (as his name reminds her of Alvin and the Chipmunks), but the blow was softened by Flora still being in the competition.

I think she might still be a bit cross with Paul and Mary, mind!