H can now open the living room door. Since we moved here I’ve prided myself on how she can stay contained within this room and can’t get into the kitchen or go upstairs without me knowing. We’d avoided getting a lower stairgate for this reason too, as there was no need.

Fast forward to yesterday, and someone now has the strength to open the door (which is pretty tough) and get herself out. Fortunately she knows not to go into the kitchen or to let us know beforehand, but still…

I’m starting to wonder how long it’ll be before she’s vaulting over the stairgate…

A friend met Nina from Nina and the Neurons yesterday (aka Katrina Bryan), and got her autograph for H. I’ve been using this as a major bargaining tool, but I’ve probably overdone it.

Every time H wont eat pepper I’ve said that I’ll have to phone Nina to tell her and she might not get a letter from her as Nina thinks we should eat all food for Brilliant Bodies (see!), when H wont settle I say “oh dear, Nina will be sad” and so on… she’s falling for it, but now I know what’s going to happen. Fortunately it’s being sent to work, so I’ll have to persuade someone to write a letter to accompany it and she’ll fall for it because she’s no wiser… and I’m probably a bad mummy for using it to my advantage. (But it works!)

I’m not entirely sure what I’ll do next week. Erk.