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The Book People came to Shaun’s work on Thursday. Obviously we had to buy some things as it’s compulsory due to them being like evil drug pushers of literature (except that wouldn’t be evil, it’s just I’m a bit addicted to buying books).

So H has more lovely books for her collection – the ten Julia Donaldson books (though we already have The Gruffalo, so that’s saved for a present for someone who doesn’t have it) and ten from the Biff, Chip and Kipper series which we haven’t looked at yet (though I’ve seen there’s a box set for £25… we’ll come back to that I’m sure).

Funnily enough, we sat down and H exclaimed with delight that she now has ‘A Squash and A Squeeze’ which she’s read countless times at nursery – she pretty much read it to me! It appears all the kids at nursery are obsessed with a book called ‘Hooray For Harry’ which I’ve not yet caved and bought… though I’ve looked several times. I love they’ve got the enthusiasm to read, and I love that there’s so many books out there.

I also love very much indeed this news – there’s a new Martha and the Bunny Brothers book on the horizon, and it’s about bedtime! Considering H loves to play Hide and Seek before her bathtime, and then run around upstairs with a towel over her head telling us she’s Santa Claus (and she delivers presents too – in June), I’m we’re looking forward to this book a lot!