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I found ‘Topsy and Tim’s Eye Test’ tonight at Amazon. I swear, there’s probably a Topsy and Tim book to cover everything that could ever happen, ever.

This is a good thing, and I’m glad the books are still in print.

We had another random toddler conversation tonight.

H : what did Andy Murray do?
Me : He won his game
H : and now he’s giving the other man a hug. What is he going to do next?
Me : He’ll go inside and have a bath
Shaun : and get clean
H : And then have his milk and see his mummy and daddy and have a story!
Me : (pushes this a little more for comedy value) Who will he take to bed tonight? Which toy?
H : A zebra. He has a zebra. Definitely a zebra.

I also bought the remarkably cheap BritMums Live 2013 Early Bird ticket today for next June. Which is a WHOLE YEAR away. See, a bit of forward planning and I can have a night out and a following day, and sort out the childcare! AND not book a holiday at the same time. 2013 could be the year I get organised.