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Okay, so we’re not well off. We’ll probably never have a mortgage and benefit from paying half of what we’re currently paying as it’s out of our grasp these days (yes, I have major regrets I didn’t just buy somewhere in London when I first got here when places were 30k). Our rent and childcare costs are high – but this is something we know and accept – and happily fork out almost £1700 a month.

But then. Something happened today. My friend A reminded me about the free childcare hours that will kick in for H from September. Incredibly, this could potentially reduce our nursery costs by over £200 a month. Crikey. To say I’m gobsmacked would be fairly accurate. I mean, over £200! That’s a lot of money.

We get by every month, and we do occasionally eat out, but things like my pension have been neglected – and I’m only 18 years from retiring, potentially. Which is mildly scary considering I may have nothing to live on (but hey, I did a year of maternity leave…) – it’s like things are slowly coming together.

So yes, I’ve come out of today feeling quite positive about things. Nursery do all the hard work as far as the free hours go, so all I have to do is provide some documents and wait.. just over a month.

Having said that, we’re hitting the birthday madness for H and her friends. I was pretty pleased to find a Hama Maxi Beads starter set for half price at The Entertainer yesterday (I’ll be heading back for one for H) which was a really good price and something I think she’ll get a lot out of – if she’ll be patient enough! Only a month to find out…