Since H moved up to four days a week at nursery, our money situation has been odd to say the least. You’d think that having an extra £200 or so versus the extra wages would mean we’re fine with money – and generally we are, but almost every month we run short before my payday.

My payday being next Monday.

I don’t quite get it – we’re paying less for nursery as of September thanks to the free hours kicking in, so this shouldn’t be the case – though to be fair we’re catching up on holiday spends too.

Where’s our money?! What are we spending it on? I like to think we’re doing things at the weekend which don’t cost us anything other than petrol and occasional food costs (our local woods, National Trust places) but it’s not working, we’re not budgeting the way we should.

We need some kind of finance tracker to keep on top of what we’re spending somewhere – anyone reading this, can you recommend somewhere please?