after doing the early morning shift (2.30-3am), plus the morning shift, I was lucky enough to get the lie in today, waking up around 11am. Blimey.

H appears to have dry skin on her eyebrow, which may or may not be cradle cap. Olive oil isn’t really helping right now, but we’ll keep at it until Tuesday when it’s time for her weekly weigh in..

Today was also meant to be her last Vitamin K drop, but Shaun passed it to me, thinking I had hold of it, and I didn’t. So it dropped, all over our settee. Bah. So I’ve got to get another prescription for it tomorrow.

Add to that the top wasn’t on the Gripe Water properly, and that got knocked over a load of stuff on the table too. Thankfully, not all of it.. but still.

Still, right now madam is playing on her playgym – in the last couple of days we’ve been getting proper smiles, some really girly “coo”‘s, and she’s definitely holding her head much more upright than she has before. Sounds like she’s right on track, anyway.

The gripe water really has made a huge difference – she still gets pains, but she’s playing with things now, and being more like how I’d imagined it should be with a baby – rather than one that cries all day, and seems unhappy with everything. Poor lamb, she must have been in a lot of pain. Thankfully we’re a third of the way through it, and if we can keep on top of it with the gripe water, we’ll be fine.