Oh god, what have I done? What have I part-created?

Okay, so I have hearing problems – only minor ones, but enough that I often can’t hear what people say. I will often follow this with a grunty kind of “ehh?”. Guess who is now using it? Yep, H. It’s particularly effective when she looks at me blankly and says “ehhh?”. Sigh.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, at tea tonight we were talking about her new Topsy & Tim books, and she looked at me sternly. “Mummy, you must not talk when you’re eating and there’s food in your mouth, you are very naughty” she told me. I’d like to think that there was no food in my mouth at that time and it’s something she’s been told off for today at nursery, but actually, she’s probably right. Double sigh. I’ll have to tell my sister – she’ll probably find this funniest of all…

Actually, I’m saying all that at the top, but all this is wholly MY fault for being ME.