Ooh did someone get out of the wrong side of bed yesterday… proper terrible twos style throwing herself on the floor, and even a “Daddy, GO AWAY” just as he left for work.

Fortunately a couple of sits on the Time Out Mat and things got calm again. Daddy even got a phone call at work to say sorry, and was told lots of other nice things too.

Then we got to swimming… this hour adjusting, I’ve loved it up to now, she’s settled for naptimes and sleep times so well I’d forgotten our swimming lesson takes things a bit later than usual on a Wednesday. Oh fun, my little H was the one in the pool screaming “NO I DON’T WANT TO DO THAT MUMMY” ¬†like I’m getting her to swim across a bed of razor blades (why can she never say she doesn’t want to do something quietly?!) – though to be fair, our regular teacher wasn’t there, and the stand-in, while good, was doing things I felt was a bit too advanced for H at this stage. Then again, lying on her back kicking isn’t that advanced, so she was probably just grumpy.

All the other parents looked on sympathetically, and this time it was me. I’ve been the other parent when one kid has a meltdown too many times, and this week it was my turn. The teacher kept telling us we don’t have to do things, but it’s the things H always does anyway….

She’s napping now, or at least, I think she is. Her little face turned into sweetness and light and she ran into her big girl bed (which she now likes, she just falls out of it instead of gets out) “sing Twinkle Twinkle Mummy” she said (three times is our rule) which of course I did. Actually, that bit is quite nice. I’m still scarred from school when I was told in the second year I couldn’t sing by a classmate – so if H wants me singing to her, then I blooming well will. Take that, ghosts of the past.