Okay, so H is at nursery now, three days a week. I am quite proud of myself in that I’m keeping up a schedule of pumping for her, so she has my milk when she goes there, and not formula. (She does still get one bottle at night, though which I still have the guilt about)

Yesterday as we left nursery, one of the students was telling us how she’s started to refuse her milk (we think it’s as she only likes one person to give her it, and she’s going to have to learn that everyone can give her it – though as an aside, I’ve often given her the bottle and she’s drunk it all herself on her own anyway), so they “tipped it away and rinsed out the bottle” for me. Argh. My precious milk. Gone!

I did explain, as nobody who’s at nursery seems to be pumping and supplying milk (can’t blame them, it’s hard work and I’ve not had the guts to do it at work yet) that any unused milk could be kept, so at least they’ll know for the future.. but I do wonder how much else she’s refused that ended up down the plughole.