Okay, this is where we’re at with things that have happened.

1. She’s sleeping mostly through the night in her own room now, and is fine with this.
2. She’s babbling. No coherent words, other than the flukey ones we’ve heard. I’m working hard on “mama”
3. She can sit up with help now. She’s comfortable in the Bumbo. This also helps her burping.
4. She used the sippy cup for the first time yesterday, and got the grip of it easily. Not sure what to put in it though, but we’ll work on that one a bit more.

5. She knows how to wrap me around her little finger.
6. She’s grown wise to my methods of bogey removal (twisted up tissue, up the nose).
7. Naptime is something that’s becoming more and more established in this household, and she’s taking to it well. No sleeping of her own accord yet, but give it time…
8. We’ve run out of space for her clothes.
9. She’s a terrible flirt. (photo by Alex or Claire)