My workmate Jo brought us a copy of Njintje is Stout back from her trip to Amsterdam last weekend. I thought it’d be a fairly simple task translating and making up a story or poem about what Miffy did in the book, but actually I’m a bit horrified! Miffy is a shoplifter!! Eeeh, back in my day.. etc etc etc… Now she feels bad afterwards, but I’m not entirely sure there’s any kind of consequence for doing it, other than she feels bad. Hmm.

H is very happy with her new book, and keeps asking us to read it. My dutch isn’t very good though – my german is acceptable, so bits made sense…

Here’s the Google Translate of the book, to be made coherent when I can be coherent. Nijn will be Miff, and I’m fairly sure I didn’t mis-type any dutch.

one day early mother figured
nijn you go with me
I am going to buy that cookie
biscuits for tea at the

miffy went along for shopping
find it pleasant to hear
and together they went on their way
she walked firmly by

do koekjeswinkel was not far
They were there quickly
together and looked out the window
what mother would buy

while the mother bought cookies
miffy looked in t around
until they are somewhere in a corner
a scale with toffees was

who saw the fun of it
of all colors who
miffy and thought to himself as
I wish I had the

and then did something very nijn very bad
Njintje is Stout - Miffy is Naughtyit has four gepackt
and stopped when the man looked
very secretly in her pocket ..

the night in bed asleep miffy not
and why do you snaps
she thought, but still, I picked
and that is bad and stupid

The next day mother thought figured
what would be her
they are so different and so quiet
what is wrong with you nijn?

I picked said miffy soft
“I’ve toddees weggepakt
when you bought the boterkoekjes
They are in my pocket

o nijn badly, said mother figured
Come on then we flee
back together to the shop
and we bring them back

yeah that place is not so cute miffy
and so sorry to hear
but yeah it was her own fault
nijn ashamed to ensuring

and in the shop explained nijn
the toffees but down again
When they said that they had done
something I never do more