H loves her MegaBloks. We won them on Facebook, they arrived on her birthday and are easily the one thing she plays with daily. Every day we play with them you can guarantee we’ll build a tower or a dinosaur.

Then MegaBloks have to spoil it all and make this – which of course I now want desperately, living out my Lego fantasies (let’s face it, H wont make it just yet, though in time she definitely will). We’re not buying it – just yet.

Instead we build towers. Towers of tall. Towers of so tall I pull silly faces and H collapses in a fit of giggles as Mummy is Pulling a Funny Face. Then the towers of tall, they fall. That’s even funnier.

I love it.

This morning I built a ‘christmas tree’. Such is the mildly competitive nature my daughter may or may not be inheriting from me, she then wanted a Santa Claus building (difficult, we have no white). But it doesn’t matter, you can build anything and let imagination take over – so we did, and Santa was built.

This afternoon I predict more building towers, making them taller and taller every time, while we wait for them to fall. It’s something I never get sick of, ever.