Oh it’s evil, it is. The Book People come a few times a year to Shaun’s work, and every time I’m forced to buy some amazing books for H to continue re-living my childhood through her.

She has a full-on addiction to Topsy and Tim (which is actually quite helpful in her explaining things when she can’t quite do it – ‘Itchy Heads’ was extremely helpful with the head lice problem), and we’ve dabbled with a few of the Mr Men (sorry, but Little Miss just wasn’t the 1970’s to me, okay?) as well as some of the more modern ones such as an entire bag of Spot books, and lest we forget (she wouldn’t let me anyway) Peppa Pig. There’s more classics in waiting for when she’s a bit older… (Beatrix Potter, Winnie The Pooh) I think I’m a little bit addicted to buying her books.

Anyway, imagine my delight when I saw The Book People had six of the Meg and Mog books – that takes me right back to my very much younger days – alas, they didn’t have any the last time they were at his work – but today they did! Hurrah!

So right now, just in time for halloween, H is learning all about her first witch, cauldron and witches cat. I’m quite not-secretly-pleased by this. The books are so beautifully illustrated (by Jan Pienkowski) and I’ll probably have a read of them later on…. and even cooler, they come in a little blue bag (a bit like the Peppa Pig one we also got from a previous visit of theirs.. I’m surprised they don’t know Shaun on first name terms yet).

I love The Book People. I do hate the fact they have so many great books that I have to buy them though… I’m still gutted we missed out on the Miffy Box Set (though I bought all the books separately anyway, thankyou ebay)

Of course, after talking about Meg and Mog, it was pointed out that Mog the Cat also exists… so that may well be the next one, as H does love ‘The Tiger Who Came To Tea’ by the same author (Judith Kerr)

Disclaimer – I was never a goth.