I’m a Kiddicare blogger, and the last couple have been about how easy it is to trick H when I can’t think of a logical reason to deny her something, so tell a little white lie (actually, the first one was about how terrible I am at telling lies). Tonight we had a great one.

She’s tired and clingy (which has stopped me going out) – and wailed at us for some “Medicine”

Usually we can get away with ‘cuddle medicine’, but not any more. Tonight she wanted “proper medicine”. Now, bearing in mind she’s tired – she went to bed over an hour late last night and had been into London twice, so reasoning wasn’t going to be the easiest of tasks, and checking her ‘temperature’ (she said her mouth was hot) I decided that she was fine (she was, she’s tired), but she wasn’t having any of my alternatives to medicine at all.

We were going to have to cave in to give her something. So.

Shaun went into the bathroom with a syringe and administered it. H’s face broke into a big smile, she told us how much better she felt and how it tasted of blackberry.

I realise the more I blog about our lies the deeper it’s going to get. If she sleeps well tonight and demands it tomorrow (which I doubt) then I’ll take the stricter route – but right now she just needs to get to bed.

She’s a happy girl, what with her medicine that came straight from the tap – you know the stuff – water.

Worked a treat, it did.

She asked us one last thing. “Mummy, where did my temperature go?” while looking around the room, in case that cheeky temperature was hiding from her. Funny girl..