I come from a family where meals follow routines; where days are equal to what you eat, so I’ve fallen into the same trap as I have to think ahead for what we eat. I’m in luck at the moment as my husband has his last two weeks of study before his (hopefully last) exams, so it isn’t just me doing the cooking when I get in from work – though our Ocado order comes on a Wednesday morning, so Monday and Tuesday are usually the meals we’d use up the last of our vegetables.

So, here’s our vague plan.

Monday – Fajitas – we have been sent a Discovery kit to review, and we all love mexican food.
Tuesday – probably stir fry or vegetables and pasta – both with Quorn chunks.
Wednesday – whichever option wasn’t chosen the day before
Thursday – soup with bread (pre-bought unless we can get our act together enough the night before and make some nice bread in the breadmaker)
Friday – baked potatoes with veg
Saturday – pizza (H and I are going to see The Wiggles, so I suspect this will be how it ends)
Sunday – Spaghetti bolognese, probably. H’s choice – or bangers & mash depending on if we go anywhere for the day.

All food is cooked fresh bar the soup which I usually buy on the day (as I don’t have time to make it fresh). I’m vegetarian so will only cook non-meaty options. If my husband wants meat he’ll make some for himself and H separately (H also has meat at nursery, she can make up her own mind when the time comes)

This is my entry for At Home With Mrs M!‘s Meal Planning Monday – let’s hope I do a slightly different one every week!!