Meal Planning MondayHm, well we kind of followed last weeks plan – kind of. Actually, we’re all over the place with Shaun at home studying, so he’s getting food prepared for when I get home from work, and then cooking it… so we’re kind of going to plan. He’s got his first exam tomorrow and his second next Tuesday, so from next Tuesday evening we’ll start to get back on track… maybe.

So let’s try this week instead…

Monday – vegetables, pasta and a Quorn Escalope
Tuesday – soup and bread
Wednesday – late food after pilates, probably toast or something light
Thursday – stir fry
Friday – (is payday, so I think we might celebrate with a takeaway?)
Saturday – margarita pizza (homemade)
Sunday –  baked potatoes or wedges with vegetables

So we’re keeping basic and quick. Also there’s football to consider in all this, so we need something that’s easy to eat while you start the evil habit of having the television on while you eat… downward slope, here we come….