We did our Croydon trip yesterday, H did lots of walking, looking around amazed at all the pretty christmas decorations (“wow! they’re beautiful!” a lot), our trip finishing in Mothercare, in the toilet seat section.

She chose a Peppa Pig seat which tucks under the regular toilet seat (as stupid me tried to put it on top and couldn’t work out how to fix it. Duh.), which she insisted on carrying around the store. We got home (via a trip to the supermarket to get some gravy, where she paid the shopkeeper and got to carry the things out herself, helped her feel properly grown up) and fitted it (eventually, I am so thick sometimes), and she immediately asked to sit on the toilet, did so, did what she needed to, and found pressing the button to flush it the best thing ever. So far tonight she’s asked several times to use the toilet, because she’s so desperate to use her lovely new seat and press the button. Wow. Considering up until earlier today she rarely asked to use the loo, and now does, is it really this easy?

My only regret? It’s 3 for 2 in Mothercare, but we only bought 1.