is what the doctor said. She also said I had some protein and some sugar in my wee, so I had to go to hospital for further tests, which probably wont be back at the surgery until Monday/Tuesday next week. I’m not too worried, I’ve been eating well, I’m going back down the gym again, so it’s not too bad.

I’m finding that the whole pregnancy thing is keeping me awake right now. Each night I rub my stomach, to let little foetus know that mum’s trying to look after them, and everything should be fine – and that I’ll do my best. Of course, the lack of sleep isn’t ideal.

Add to that I’ve cut caffeine out of my diet, as that’s the right thing to do. Alas, this also means green tea is out, as well as anything with a rind, cheese-wise. I’ve just read today that underwired bras can give you problems with your milk ducts, and I’m a bit… “arrgghh! Is there anything I actually CAN do?!”

The BBC has an extremely helpful website which is telling me what should be going on inside me on a day by day basis. So right now I’ve got to keep up this untruth to the rest of the world for approx another 7 weeks. Oh lord.

Something like this wouldn’t be so difficult normally, but y’know… sometimes I wish everyone knew. I wish everyone looked at me and thought “aww, she’s pregnant!” but of course I’ve a while before that will show properly; although I guessed when my sister was pregnant.

I’m drinking water all day, with occasional mint tea. No crisps, no chocolate – well, I’ve not had the need, either – so it’s not like I’m intentionally depriving myself of anything here. Husband is being exceptionally good too, he made me the most amazing salad ever last night.

Oh, and I’ve been getting so tired. Possibly due to my overacting brain at night, things start working, I start thinking. I’m tired out; well, right now I’m not, typically. I know it’s one of the symptoms of this, but really, did it have to start so soon?

It’s all I can do right now not to tell anyone. But I’m being good.