We’re all working on our manners at the moment. H is a sponge and copies Shaun and I, so we’re retraining ourselves to be polite, and ohh it isn’t working.

H copies me constantly, her favourite one when she doesn’t hear me being “uhhhhHH?” a kind of grunting noise thing that I do. I know I do it and I’ve no idea when it started. But it’s there, it’s habit and it’s a hard habit to break out of. So tonight in the car I had to tell her to say ‘pardon’ when the moment arose – and if she needed to, then she could also remind mummy that I also have to say ‘pardon’ when I make that noise.

Let’s see how we go. I think H may be a little more successful than I am at this though… just a little.

Having said that, at work today I was chatting with one of our label heads and helping him out with a spot of label copy madness – another coworker came into the room with someone they were showing around and introduced them to the label head, and completely blanked me. I was quite obviously in the room, it wasn’t like I was hidden away which made me feel a bit embarrassed by it, I’m obviously not worthy… maybe H could teach the coworker a few manners while she’s at it too….