I was busy yesterday. We have our NCT Christmas get together on Sunday, and while I’m not feeling the most festive I’ve felt (Shaun claims I’m like this every year, I can neither confirm nor deny this as I can’t remember), I decided it was time to make things.

Stupidest thought so far when making things?

I wondered why they don’t have mixing bowls with a spout. Which of course is really just a large measuring jug. Also, I realise we need a food processor as all I have is a hand blender which held about half of the mixture which has probably made it a bit odd, but HEY. I cooked and people will survive to tell the tale. (edited later on – I also went and bought an Argos Value Processer for £15)

Firstly, I made some fudge based on this recipe. It was easy to do, but my hand ached after about 20 minutes of stirring and beating, and I think the fudge may have suffered for it (though looks pretty marvellous, it’s about half a cm thick) – I can’t help thinking I should have made some for nursery instead of for Sunday as it may well not survive once Shaun sees it.

I added some raisins but no rum.

Then I headed off to A Mummy Too and made these ones. This is the point I realised I need a proper blender. Handheld just isn’t good enough – plus there was a bit of smoke coming from the end of it (not a good sign, I think that’s what happened to the last one as well). Anyway, they look acceptable and are currently chilling in the fridge about to be rolled out and baked.

After that I did some white chocolate covered Banana Soreen another one borrowed from A Mummy Too and that’s it, all done. Well, except the pizza I need to make in the morning….

Sometime after this we’ve got to make our Christmas Cake (yes I know we’re cutting it fine) and have some interesting mincemeat roulade type things instead of mince pies from WeightWatchers (which come in at 1 point each!), then we should be all set for the big day.