Object 1 : One slightly grouchy full of cold toddler who wants to “do some sticking and make Kermit”

Object 2 : one trip to the supermarket later for a Cravendale 2L semi-skimmed milk to decorate with the aforementioned Kermit stickers.

Mission : make Kermit, enter a competition and have a bit of fun in the process.

Sidenote : you can make a Muppets character on a bottle by heading here – Kermit is downloadable and Miss Piggy is available – quick!

Part One – pretend to drink from milk bottle. No idea where this comes from. Daddy?
 Part Two – stick Kermit’s legs on the bottle, very carefully.

 Part Three – Stick Kermit’s body onto the bottle

 Part Four – add his yellow collar…. then get his smiley face and stick that on too

Part Five – Stick his arms on, and his hands!

Part Six – Say “this is marbellous, mummy” a few times. Add his eyes, but then fix them when they’re wonky


 Oh, and don’t forget to share your water with Kermit afterwards.