H can almost say ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ which gives me a great sense of pride and achievement. However, there’s one glaring omission in this – we do not own Mary Poppins on DVD. Unthinkable. How could we not? We watched a few songs together on YouTube which H liked, so I know she’s ready.

Surely we’ve only a couple more years and we’ll be sitting down together to watch The Sound of Music together? (I have this on DVD three times so there’s no worries about not being able to watch that on demand)

One thing I’ve found as a parent – and it’s really quite pathetic – but every time we watch something together I get really teary at the end. Ben & Holly? Didn’t enjoy it, felt teary. Room on the Broom? Loved it, almost cried. ‘Let’s Go Fly A Kite’ when Mary Poppins leaves the family and flies off? My lips were swollen from biting them so hard to stop myself crying.

Why am I stopping myself? I guess part of me doesn’t want H to see me cry, especially when there’s no explanation. I can’t even blame it on the time of the month – it’s happening ALL the time.

So yes, this prepares me for our first TSoM adventure, when regardless of who I watch it with I cry*. Hopefully by then my little madam will be used to mummy being a soppy old thing and will bring me a hanky and a cuddle. Then again she might just sit with daddy laughing at my silliness.

I tell you what, it’s no fun being me sometimes. It’s a lot more fun for everyone else laughing at my expense though, and I’m okay with that.

Or should I say, I’m used to that. Sob!



* apart from when I did Singalonga Sound of Music with my friend Kate, when I stopped myself from crying by swigging on a bottle of red wine. I was very drunk by the end and in an altogether different kind of happy.