We left here around 10am to get to the South Bank, and got home just after 6pm – so that’s a full day out. We found out on Wednesday there was a Peppa Pig and Ben & Holly and Friends at the BFI today – I went to get tickets only to find there were single seats left – but fortunately we managed to get in.

There was a workshop beforehand where you could paint, colour, draw, create – pretty much anything and everything – very very appealing to a newly crowned three year old too.

We sat next to a nice chap who works for the company who make Peppa Pig who chatted about making episodes – we found out loads – before Neville Astley, Mark Baker and Phil Davies came on stage to tell us more about Peppa Pig and Ben & Holly.


We got to see four brand new episodes – three Peppa and one Ben & Holly which wont be on tv until around December time. They were all excellent too.

I’ll write it up properly on Mum Friendly when I have some energy (such as how many minutes of Peppa Pig or Ben and Holly they do in an average day and what the stories are occasionally based on), but it was an excellent day. H and Shaun made a plasticine stop-start animation (well they did the characters, a man who knows what he’s doing did the stop-start stuff). There was a competition to draw and colour in a picture of Peppa and H won! I drew the Peppa and she coloured it in, she did really well – getting a George toy, DVD, book and magazine – she was really pleased and proud to have won something.

We bumped into Leah and her girl S who is eight months older than H. The two got on really well, having last met when they were around six months and 14 months old – another new friendship! We wandered around the South Bank and found plenty to do but no book maze – they’d taken it down, sigh… but we got our photo taken in a passport booth for 20p so we could have a passport for Antarctica which I will read more about as it’s art you see. Photo to follow…

Now I must rest. Tomorrow it’s work again.