Oh no. You think I’d realise today is Children In Need day, but no, I didn’t.

I’ve read things and seen things, but actually registering that it’s happening today? Nope.

Now normally you’d think “oh well, no worries, it’s only early” sort of thoughts, but actually, there’s another issue here – H’s nursery. They do themed days around things going on – there was a Breast Cancer awareness day a few weeks ago (now someone come along and correct me with it’s proper name), and now this – and there’ll be more. They like the kids to go to nursery wearing something which is a certain colour to commemorate the day – so today it’s spots. (and the previous one I just about got away with – wearing pink, as H had pink socks on and a pink trim on her trousers)

Thinking ahead, I think I put her in her Peppa Pig spotty socks this morning… but then thinking about it, there were no signs on the door at nursery. As a parent who is slowly losing the will to remember anything unless it’s happening right in front of me, there was no obvious prompt.

I used to be very organised, planning meals and activities and knowing what was going on – and now I’m just doing everything as they happen. This changed after I hurt my back – three weeks pretty much stuck in bed and I lost my routine. This time in two weeks I’ll have finished work for the year, going back in early January. I can’t wait. If I can just spend the time off doing the little things (like, errr dusting…) and getting back on track, then I’m hoping 2012 will be the year I regain the plot. Heck, I’ll even know days when you need to have your child dressed in some kind of colour/design/whatever. Now that would be nice.