So, firstly – she has a tooth! Bottom jaw, I knew it was there, everyone else humoured me (understandably). The next one along doesn’t look too far behind, though may be a few more days yet.

Secondly – she had her 8 month checkup, at 7 and a half months, and passed with flying colours. My Health Visitor is excellent, and she’s really supportive with BLW, as her daughter did it – and was so excited to hear how H was doing with it all, which in turn made me feel like I was doing it right. Add to this they told me I (we) were doing a great job too, and it just felt like a real ego boost, as you don’t get many of those doing this raising a child lark.

Thirdly – she’s mastering the pincer grip. The rule with that is that if the baby can pick up the food and put it to her mouth, then she’s ready. We had that tonight with a soya bean (sweetcorn is still too small), so I was quite proud of that.

Fourthly – since being on solids, she’s jumped from the 55th percentile to the 75th! So she likes her food – but we knew that anyway. There’s still a lot that makes the floor, but there’s a lot makes it into her stomach.

Hm, what else? She’s shuffling around like she’s almost ready to crawl which I’m SO not ready for just yet, having just got used to tooth. The Health Visitor reckoned it could be in the next month she’s doing it. Yikes.

I’ve been offered a place at our local nursery for a couple of days a week. I’ve now got to work out whether or not to do it, or whether to hold out and hope there’s a place in August. I guess if I go for the ones available soon, then it’s time to think about heading back to work. One to ponder over this weekend and make a decision on pretty sharpish, I think.