We headed there later on Tuesday, getting there for about 2.30, leaving enough time to walk around, take in the sunset and the play area, and get a coffee too.

Fortunately some friends of ours were married there earlier this year, so we knew it was relatively child-friendly (a lot of watery areas are well fenced off, though some aren’t), so it was just a case of reminding H to ‘keep on the path’ – and for the first time ever we ventured out without a buggy – just H on foot. Fantastically for her she only asked to be picked up once – there was so much to look at and see and do that she wanted to run ahead and see what was going on – well, that and asking to go for a coffee and to go to the park!

The play area there is okay, it’s not geared too much towards really little ones, though there’s a plank to walk across (she did both with help), and some tunnels to run around in (while hunched) – which she loved – and there were a few see saw type things which she liked, as well as a swing which was probably a bit too old for her, but she was fine. I think she’d have gone on everything if she was four or five – but still, it was good for running around, and she did plenty of that. (as well as pretending to be a crocodile)

The cafe was decent too, and does a bambinoccino thingummy which I can never spell, but basically H thinks it’s ‘coffee’ even though it’s frothed up milk with some chocolate on the top, plus they have some gorgeous scrummy cakes.

We adopted a duck back in April for H (a mallard called Matthew), and with that got one free admission for the centre – but I couldn’t find it – so me and Jos had to pay the full entry fee, though I didn’t ask.

Anyway, it was good, I’m shattered and I’d go back again, if only I could find my free entry pass!!