We recently received a Little Life Voyager S2 toddler backpack – and although we’ve no plans to go anywhere this weekend (next weekend maybe…) we decided to put it to the test in our back yard, try H in it and see what she thought of it.

Generally when we’ve gone out (usually to National Trust places) we’ll take a buggy and push it along – she’ll often get tired and want to be picked up, or can be persuaded to go into her buggy for some drinks and snacks.

I feel like we’ve probably got this a year too late as well – this would have been good for some of the places we’ve been to. We’re both tall, and neither of us felt like H was sticking up a lot further than we were. One thing that got us both was having to make sure we had it fastened to us nice and securely was not at all flattering for the waistline… at all!

Having said that, it’s practical, there’s a compartment in the back complete with sun shade and rain cover, there’s a couple of foot straps (H didn’t like that despite us trying to convince her it’s like ‘Horsey Horsey’) and actually, despite being a tall girl, she fits in there comfortably (and the rain cover does cover her up).

I do wonder if this is the kind of thing which people can use on their own though – I’d need a second person to get the backpack on my back!