Well, we braved it to St Helier this morning. I’m always over-cautious, so we got there for 8am, as the ante-natal doesn’t open until 8.30. Oh haha, we were the only ones there, in the end – others turned up, but we could have got there at 8.30 and it wouldn’t have mattered one bit. Anyway, the good news is that they found a heartbeat, a nice strong one. While this doesn’t mean I’m out of the woods, it’s a good positive sign.

The really weird bit – there was a second sac! No baby in it though…. so for a milisecond it could have been twins, but that’s been ruled out. It does run in the family, and it just looks like that little bean didn’t work… but one is – so I’m hoping and looking after myself for the next six weeks, and hoping this little mite hangs in there…. everything crossed….

Blimey, though.

I do feel extremely reassured now.