Or at least, one note renditions of ‘Jack and Jill’, anyway. I’ve been dusting off my old recorder skills and recreating nursery rhymes (and I’ve not played properly since I was about ten or eleven, so that’s a while) for H to guess (she gets them right, amazingly).

We’ve been sent this Tidlo recorder from John Crane. I’m convinced in time H will grow to play tunes like I do, but for now she’s copying me which seems to be the best way for her to do anything at the moment. Anyway, she’s doing it and that’s what counts – and means she’ll want to learn in time. Maybe I could get Jingle Bells taught in time for Christmas…. hmmm

John Crane Tidlo Recorder

Now, we have to take five photos, so over the next week or two we’ll add more, but with the weather being so rubbish we’ve not really got to many interesting places.. give it time.