Yesterday H had another party with loads of her classmates at school, which was another where she was dropped off and left. This time it was for three and a half hours – from 11am until 2.30pm.

She was absolutely fine about it – one of the later ones to arrive (we were exactly on time), she was a bit shy but one of her friends called her over and that was it – she hardly turned to wave goodbye to me.

So what did we do once we got home? We tidied the kitchen. Exciting stuff there. After a while I decided we should eat out somewhere, and suggested a local restaurant which Shaun immediately ruled against.

Of course, the sensible thing is to eat a few doors down from the place that H and her friends would be eating – so we did. I can highly recommend Mimi e Coco in Cheam, the food was great, the wine was fabulous and Shaun and I got some proper talking time with each other which was great. For the two of us (Shaun had pasta, I had pizza) it came in at £35 which we were both happy with.

We didn’t make it on time to the party pickup though. We were three whole minutes late – and almost everyone had gone! Poor little H had the saddest face (she was watching everyone else get picked up and wondered where we were), then needed the toilet so we rushed around making sure she said goodbye to her friends. I opened the door at Pizza Express but it was a hard door – it kind of closed on itself, right where H had put her finger. Ouch.

She was fine, it’s bruised but no longer sore. I’d had a plan to go to Banstead after the party to get her some new school shoes, which we still did, but she was SO sad. The lady in the shop gave her a Lelli Kelly headband which cheered her up a bit, we also managed to buy Lelli Kelly shoes so she got some makeup too which brought out a huge big beaming smile, and the insistence daddy got a makeover when we got home.

So yes, my lessons learned from Party #2 is turn up earlier for pick up. Don’t let your child go first when coming out of somewhere, or make sure the door is wide open first. Definitely eat near the party if needs be as at least if you’re late you won’t be too late (hello London traffic!).