On Saturday┬áH was left at a party for the first time – a big step. She loves her mummy so much, too much sometimes, so this was a big step to go it alone.

To be honest, I had a fear. I’ve only experienced one other time when one of her friends was left, with me as one of the adults to keep an eye on her while her parents went home, and the moment her dad left she cried and said how much she wanted her daddy for about five or ten minutes. Then insisted I took her to the toilet, then cried again.

So I was a bit fearful of how H would be.

Ends up she was fine. She missed me (of course!) but her friend was also being left for the first time so they paired up and got on with it together. Phew.

So of course, I did what any sensible parent does when leaving their child on their own at a party, when having some time alone at home and cleared the unread emails from my inbox. Shamefully, the oldest one was from January this year. Whoops.

I was also the last parent to turn up, probably due to the amount of time it took to de-ice the car, but when I got there she was giggling and having a wonderful time, her nails all sparkly, her face painted, and with an Olaf glitter tattoo.

I think it’s safe to say she had a great time – although apparently chose not to play some of the party games, the old grump!

Pamper Party