A post came up on a community I’m on, a mum with a much younger child and how the child wasn’t invited to a wedding (specifically the evening do, and it said as much) and she wasn’t sure how she felt. The responses were many, and interesting… and it’s got me thinking a bit.

In just over a week I’ll be going back to York with some old schoolfriends, for our 25 year reunion since we left. It’ll involve an overnight stay – and for me it’s the first time I’ve spent a night away from H since she was born.

It feels a bit weird, I mean, she sleeps through fine now, so her waking up and wanting me shouldn’t be an issue.. but it’s the idea of not being there when she wakes up – the idea of spending hours away from her. It’s all a bit weird in my head, something I have to tackle, but something that is probably not at the best of times (Shaun needs to study at the moment for his exams in June), but can’t be changed and is happening, and that’s that.

I guess we’ll see how we all get on, I can be on the end of a phone (and have been when she’s been off sick and Shaun’s taken a turn to care for her) if needs be… it’s going to be weird. Plus probably a big one for Shaun who will probably be exhausted afterwards…