Ah, Friday night and I’m sat on our pink-throw-covered-settee with my feet up, laptop on my knee and soon-to-be-reality dreams of red wine.

Shaun got home just after 6pm and I popped out to have a swim, now we’re settling for the evening, getting H to bed while I have my tea and settle too.

But there’s one thing.

I stink. I absolutely stink. There seems to be no perfume good enough, no neutraliser strong enough. The chlorine in the pool stinks. My skin has absorbed it and I smell delicious.

I may as well finish off this aromatic smorgasbord of joy with some garlic really. Oh, and a perm. Maybe some TCP?

Hell, why not, it’s the weekend. Let’s go crazy.

In all seriousness, how can I stop smelling so bad. Even my smelly trainers feel like roses right now.

I smell GOOD.