We live in Carshalton – as I may have mentioned a bazillion times. Carshalton was also one of the first places in England (the UK too maybe?) that lavender was first grown. All down Wallington High Street there’s lavender displays which are probably, actually, Christmas lights that never get taken away.

This weekend is the lavender harvesting weekend. We’ll be there at the Stanley Park Allotments picking our own, following it with a trip up to Mayfield Lavender (who have a photo competition and some amazing photos, worth checking out) where you can wander the fields (but not pick your own), finishing off with a trip to Sacrilege – a Jeremy Deller London Festival blow up bouncy life size Stonehenge in Cheam Park.

As Shaun said “where on earth do you find these things?”

Obviously there’ll be a gazillion photos…. lavender and bouncy things, what more could you ask for?