Yes, I got around to this. I’ve been tired and busy, and I’m sorry. So we left Sacrilege, being told it wouldn’t open again until at least 1.30 – we were hungry and cold so decided to come home and get some food.

Shaun then spent the next however long studying Will It Rain Today while Jos and I studied Twitter and Facebook for updates from the Sacrilege 2012 accounts. After a while we saw the weather had cleared, though no updates on the site – so decided to head up to Mayfield Lavender. Thanks to the joys of Twitter and Jos’s phone being better than mine, a message that Sacrilege was open again meant a quick detour – Mayfield can wait – and we got to our bouncy Stonehenge with just enough time to spare.

We had to wait, as they were only allowing a few people on at a time as it was wet, so a bit slippery. That wasn’t too long a way though, and eventually we were on, though I stayed to the side looking after our bags and cameras while Jos, Shaun and H jumped around – and oh my, it was brilliant – the smiles, the laughter – everyone was smiling and laughing – even though the rain had started again.

Sacrilege 2012 in Cheam Park - taken by Jos

Sacrilege 2012 in Cheam Park – taken by Jos

I even had a go. This is me with my bad back – so I was sensible and didn’t overdo it – and I can now see why trampolining is good for the pelvic floor… there are photos of me jumping, there’s photos of us all jumping. It was completely and utterly brilliant, so we were sad to get the countdown to get off.

Our friends arrived just as we’d got off, and managed to get on and start bouncing – and we saw anyone could get on, so H and Shaun went on for more while we watched under big umbrellas – until it was cut short – the rain was too heavy, and actually they were about 30 minutes from closing anyway, so that was that.

A group decision was made to come back to ours for coffee, the girls played really nicely together and we all got to bask in our good mood, finished with some lovely bangers and mash for tea. It was a damn fine day.