Not that I am having problems, no no. We’re having a get-together tomorrow, all us new mums, the babies, and the dads. We all have to take food (you can see where this is going now, right? You’re right.), and I’ve decided on Lactation Cookies. Mainly to see the horror on the dad’s faces as they eat one, and fear they’re going to start getting milky boobs, or something. Which of course isn’t going to happen, but hey, it could be funny. This may be the sense of humour I’m now developing, having only my two month old to talk to for the majority of the time. SAVE ME PEOPLE, BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE….

Brewers Yeast is REALLY difficult to get. Luckily I’ve found a shop that has it, and they’ve stored it for me under the counter until (if…) I can get there later today. Phew.

Annoyingly, I have to wait in for my Fruit and Veg delivery, which usually occurs anytime between now and 2pm. After that we’re meeting Alex and Joseph at our local cafe. Harrumph.