We’ve been fairly active from an early age with H – we did Sing & Sign classes, with swimming lessons, both fairly early on – the S&S has finished for us now, but we still swim every week. I’d been dying for H to reach 2, as then we could start her at Dramabuds classes. They’re a local business, and while it probably sounds a bit weird saying your child goes to drama classes, I’d say it’s actually more of a fun thing – they’re structured classes, lots of dancing and singing, but done in a fun way which they can relate to.

Add to this at the end of the class they all get a sticker (and sign up for a term and you get a free t-shirt – cue one very proud little girl to be wearing hers) – and it’s something that parents can get involved with too – so you’ve got to be prepared to sing and dance and pretend to be animals with your little one.

Fortunately having done some singing around other parents I’m no longer fazed by it, and just get on with it – it’s about them getting the confidence to do things and explore their minds – with a few props to help, and so far it seems to be working. H is still a bit clingy at the start of the lesson but by the end she was running around giggling and really happy, and enjoying herself.

What did it for me today though, we got home and H started singing one of the songs from the classes – given it’s only our second class I was quite surprised (but happy!) that she did – and then she reached up really high, pretending to be a giraffe getting leaves from a tree – something we’d done in our last two classes – so while she’s not (yet) got the confidence to do it in class (which is where it helps having parents around to do it!) she’s definitely getting there. I’m looking forward to next week already…