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okay, we love Mr Tumble in our house. We love love LOVE that on Tuesday the new series of Something Special featured Cliff Tumble (already!), so to find out there’s a new programme coming, Justin’s House may well mean some of those Wiggles episodes we’ve V+’d will need to be removed… check the press release over at the BBC

a bit further down…

“Can you tell us about some of the guest stars that you have popping in?

We’ve got a lovely line-up of guests. The first episode has Steven Arnold (Ashley in Coronation Street) who plays my neighbour. Anne Charleston (Madge from Neighbours) recorded an episode with us a couple of weeks ago and we also have some of the CBeebies team coming in including I Can Cook’s Katy Ashworth; CBeebies presenters Andy and Sid; and Nisha from Same Smile.”

Sold! Looks like we’ve got to wait until Saturday 8th October which isn’t that far off….

(oh and even happier, Mr Bloom’s Nursery is back for a second series – with two new vegetables Tom and Barbara…. The Good Life, anyone? And new Zingzillas too!!)