H and I are being lazy. I am on the computer and she is under a rug on the settee watching Peppa Pig. This may or may not be bad parenting, but it’s Sunday and it’s the day of rest so I’m sticking with it. (plus the sun has gone in so we can’t play outside in our shorts right now)

H pipes up
“Mummy, I can’t breathe” in a very serious voice.
My heart stopped for a split second. I asked her to repeat what she’d said, and she confirmed she can’t breathe.
“Are you okay?” I asked.
“I’ve got a tummy ache” she replied looking a bit happy
“Is it like the one you had last night?”
“Yes.” (phew, in head, easily cured with a cuddle kind of relief)
“What will make it better?”
“Medicine!” she happily announces
“What kind of medicine?” I ask, just in case
“Cuddle medicine, mummy”

Phew. All better now.