I did my first ever Groupon deal recently. It was easy.. I’d never really looked much at those kinds of sites, mainly as I’d spend spend spend – but I got myself three appointments at our local Chiropractor clinic.

Today was my first. See, my back pains are always there, some days better and some days worse. But they’re there.

Today I had my first x-ray. The side view didn’t work so we’ll re-do next week, but it does indeed look likely that I have disc issues. We’ll work on that a little more next week.

But for the first time in a year I think I have some answers. That on its own is a massive thing for me – I know what to treat, I know what kind of exercises to do to make it bearable, and most importantly of all, it might not stop me having a baby which is the thing I feared the most.

So now I’m going to disappear in a whirl of confused-ness while I read up a bit more about it all.