I have a terrible nervous habit – I bite the inside of my mouth. My tongue, my inside mouth, it’s annoying, I know I must stop yet when I get slightly worked up about something I chew away. It annoys me.

On Christmas Eve I started to knit H a scarf, having finished her hat and having nothing I could think of I needed to do. By today (Boxing Day) it was finished. I’ve never knitted something that quickly, and granted it was quite easy to do (I kept it to just the one stitch and changed colours every ten lines), but still, another project finished.

So today I knitted a letter H, not for any reason other than I’d run out of things to think of. (I pulled it a bit too tight at the back when changing wool, but it makes a good scarf label)

Knitted H

The more I knit though, the less I chew. I realise I can’t knit forever, but concentrating on something else stopped me from my worst habit – and I wasn’t even anxious any more, things I was getting worked up about didn’t matter as I was having more fun knitting.

I think next year will bring around a few changes in our lives. I’m not sure when or how, but I kind of think they will. Changes for the better. Add to that I’m going to be an Auntie again in June which is pretty good too. So yes, changes, although some things will never change. That’s often why changes need to take place. Right now I’m fine with that, in the future who knows?