Lordy. What a hot couple of days it’s been – what a lovely sunny few days. I’m so lethargic, things to do, too many things to do and no energy to do it.

I think we’re all still at the tail-end of the bug we had, by pilates last week (though this wasn’t helped by being bombarded with emails from work so I had loads going around my head) I was dizzy, couldn’t relax or switch off. By the time Wednesday had gone I wanted to sleep by 9pm (not good when you watch The Apprentice) and stop.

This weekend has been good to take stock – we were meant to go to York but after checking I realised it was a race weekend so there’s no point – sure, I could stay at my mum’s but I want to stay in a hotel or B&B and it’d be rammed and full of drunk people. We’ll skip, ta.

So instead we went to the new Kiddicare Croydon yesterday which amazed me. I wasn’t sure how much would be age appropriate for H but while she’s no longer a baby there’s still loads there – the clothes are gorgeous and a really good price too. Most of the clothes seemed to go up to age 8 too. In fact, considering how much there is there, we spent at least an hour there, settling in the cafe after finding H a child-sized trolley (the best idea EVER – stops her from running away to ‘find things’ as she’s taking responsibility for her stuff) and bumping into some people we knew which was nice. She got her face painted and a balloon Hello Kitty made, we wandered over to Sainsburys for salad food for later on that day, then came home and did nothing – and it was great.

Today we went to the Big Fish Little Fish do in Brixton which I was astounded H came out of her shell for – she doesn’t like loud noise, so to get her onto the dance floor under the premise of me being the better dancer and watch her go wild was quite something. Actually, I have absolutely no idea where she gets her dance moves from; she threw her hands up in the air, wiggled her bum from side to side and twirled around and around like some crazed child caught up in the music. I was proud, I could see she’d let her inhibitions down and was dancing to the music and not thinking about anyone around her – those Dance Kids lessons have paid off!!

So here I am on Sunday, that sinking feeling, another weekend gone and back to work tomorrow. At least it’s only two days to Wednesday and meeting up with my mum-friends, it’s going to fly by.