For so long now I’ve held on to everything. Everything. Those first everythings, the second, third and fourth everythings. The buggy still lives in the shed.

Let’s face it, they’re not going to be used any more. I have known this for a long time.

It’s time to let go. Let someone else use our old things which are really lovely old things that H once used, but have since been washed, airtight sealed in a storage bag, taking up more and more space in the loft.

Looking at it practically, if we were to move to Australia this year, it couldn’t come with us. (We’re not, but I have to think ahead sometimes) What good is it doing stuck in the loft? Other than taking up space.

The here and now needs to be stored, the memories. The pictures, letters, cards and things that matter. The things we don’t want to forget. Those first stories and pictures, and even now we’ve overrun with those. We’re overrun with everything.

The things we don’t need any more, they need to go. There isn’t going to be a second H coming along and I’ve accepted that.

The special things can stay – I have no idea which outfit she came home from the hospital in as it was a white babygro, of which we had many. There is no emotional attachment to a pair of socks, just a load of well-used Sock-On’s which kept them on. The reusable nappies are bagged and should be used by another baby who would use them. The first pair of shoes live in their original box and will stay. The third pair too, I’ve no idea why.

The buggy has lived in the shed since H was two and a half, so that’s over two years now. It hasn’t been used in this time at all, and other buggies we had (travel ones) have been given away.

We need the space for now, and don’t have the space for then. So they need to go.

I still feel sad about it though.

I’ve given away all my maternity clothes.

I’ve always been a bit of a hoarder, it would seem.