Except you wouldn’t really know. I’m on my holiday hours (finishing at 2.30 every day with no lunch break in the week) and H is at Holiday Club.

Working in London five days a week and not having to rush back like you do at school to pick her up, then drive home afterwards does seem more tiring than it should be.

Maybe it’s knowing school is over and holidays are coming (though still feel so far away) so your body is ready to stop but it isn’t time to actually stop just yet.

How come when it’s a normal school week we get through Rainbows, swimming and more and don’t feel this tired?

We’re not learning, we’re not doing anything too strenuous, what’s going on?

There is also very little to write about. So I’ll write about nothing instead.

I see Facebook photos of all the other mums taking their kids out to daytrips and having fun, while I’m sat in the office working. I don’t resent it – our turn will come, but it doesn’t really feel like the holidays. Apart from getting a seat on the train every morning, that is.

Then I realised why. It was a whole year ago tomorrow we went to Australia with H – and had a fabulous time. When I felt healthy again and put on lots of weight because I ate too much to compensate for the jetlag (and the food there is so good). Where we saw family and spent time with people. A whole year. Blimey. Who knows when we’ll be out there next?

It feels like five years ago. But it also feels like two weeks ago. But I’m also ready for our break which isn’t that far off either. Where has the year gone?