I’m not a fan of Mother’s Day. I mean, I like the fact there’s a day so I’ll get a picture from H that she’s done at nursery, that kind of thing – but I hate the fact my inbox is slowly flooding with everyone doing that ‘perfect gift for her’ type nonsense which hasn’t really stopped since early February.

Which then made me wonder, what exactly makes something appealing? What are the kinds of emails I’d go for and look at? Usually it’s the ones where I’ve used something before and I’m getting an amazing discount to buy more of it – or if I’m really lucky, something free (I’ve got a couple of Photobook ones to get cracking on with).

So why is my inbox flooded with offers about things I’ll probably never buy? They say about life laundry, but what about inbox laundry? Sure, we can all just put into the trash folder, but more emails will come… long gone are the days when all I’d get offers from were Mama Mio, Mothercare and ELC, and now it’s everyone – and I signed up to them, so it’s my own fault.

So as a late giving up something for lent, I’m going to give up subscribing to companies I’ll probably not buy something from, if only to get my inbox down to a more manageable level.

It Can Be Done.

Anyway, Mother’s Day. I’ll send my mum a card, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed for good weather so we can go to Painshill Park and have a picnic – mums go free on Mother’s Day, you see. I like a bargain, especially one which involves fresh air and good scenery.