to try not to be evangelical about Baby Led Weaning. It’s SO easy. I get emails from my other mums I hang around with who seem to spend extra time preparing food and doing recipes… and I wish I could just say something, but it’s hard. But it’s SO EASY. It’s like, tonight for tea we all ate exactly the same thing, but H didn’t have any Halloumi. So that’s pasta (tortelloni), Quorn (I’m finding the fillets are the easiest, sliced into fingers), broccoli, carrots, courgettes, peppers, onion, all in a passata and pesto sauce. So we all eat together – and we sit there going “awwww, she’s doing so well with her food” because she is – she just picks it up and gets on with it – there’s nothing she’s refused yet.

She just loves food. I love making her food. I make extra so I have a little bit in the fridge for the next meal, or if she has teething issues and just needs something colder to chew on. But god, I never ever for a million years thought I’d feel like I do with all this. She just gets on with it, we all eat together – in fact, the only time it slows down is scooping yoghurt onto a spoon for her to hand to her so she can feed herself.

Anyway, yes. I just wanted to be a proud mum for a bit, because there’s not many other mums I know who are doing this.