So the first thing to do was finish work, get my Out Of Office on, and enjoy it. H and I changed into our pyjamas and got some fruit and snacks around us. We’ve all had a busy last seven weeks which have flown by, next stop Christmas.

pyjama legs

So what have I learnt in her first term at school?

Even when you label things they WILL go missing. So far we’ve lost things which have been returned (thanks to good labelling) and we’re just one PE t-shirt astray which is probably in another child’s PE bag. I hope.

We gained another child’s PE shoe, but I returned that when we realised, and finally got H’s other shoe back. Leaving a PE kit in school for them to fold up was interesting.

We have plenty planned for next week and I’m looking forward to having some quality family time. We’re going to get outdoors a lot when weather permits, and we’re going to visit some interesting places we’ve never been. Most of all, we’re going to sleep!

Best of all, it’s just the three of us and we’re getting some proper fun time together. That is what I’m looking forward to the most. I’ll be Instagramming the week I’m sure, and we’re reviewing some products from Instajunction, so I’m looking forward to seeing what we’ll get – something to remind us of our week off anyway! They’ve some cool things to choose from!